My Story

Created Out of Love For Luxury Bath & Beauty Products

I am the daughter of a retail pioneering mother. She opened a florist in 1957 with me in tow. I made my first corsage at three and grew up in that flower shop where I learned more about business than I would ever learn at the Cox School of Business at SMU where I graduated in 1977. Mother had common horse sense, for which there is no curriculum.

I worked with Mother as a child helping with catering for weddings on weekends and around the clock on holidays. Shortly after opening the florist, she opened a Bridal Salon which I managed after graduating college, although I was doing the buying for the bridal shop when I was 13!

I left the shop when I married because I was told Bush wives don’t work outside the home. If I had it to do over, this story might be written quite differently.

After being a stay-at-home mom for 24 years, and both kids were at SMU, George asked if I wanted to get a job. I told him I did not, and that if I worked, I would own the business.

I decided to open a cosmetic and bath boutique on a Friday afternoon in April of 2004 while shopping at Stanley Korshak in Dallas. I was purchasing face powder and bath gel when it occurred to me there was no place in McKinney to buy luxury bath and beauty products. I hit the ground running Monday morning and opened August 4 in the tiny space at the Ritz building where Nan Riederer had owned the Angel Shop.

Seven years later I moved to the center of the block on the Historic Square in Downtown to ten times the space. I have a passion for accessories and was able to expand from cosmetics and bath products to luxury gifts curated from the US and abroad. I went to New York markets up to five times a year and Paris twice a year.

Meeting the creators of fabulous hats, scarves, fashion jewelry, handbags, gloves, and exquisite gifts has been exhilarating. Offering the best to my clients is so rewarding. It is my goal to have a shop full of exceptional options.

I believe every day should be celebrated and lived with pizazz. It starts with taking care of yourself and being your best. My skin care is the cornerstone of my shop. It’s an exceptional product free of carcinogens and toxins with the highest percentage of active ingredients possible. Regardless of where you are going or what you are doing, you need to get up do your hair and makeup and get dressed.

When you are at home you need to create an environment that is relaxing and beautiful. In 2017, I launched my own candle range, poured at the laboratory in Paris that created the first scented candle in the world. This country girl from Texas found herself in an office with the candles for nearly every major couture house on the planet. Home fragrance is so important—it creates an ambiance. A home needs fragrance, flowers, good food and music!

On the heels of that endeavor, I started working on my own perfume. The French have a way with fragrance that rivals the rest. This was the most challenging project, choosing a combination of notes reflecting my personality while appealing to a mass audience. Sharla eau de Parfum launched in 2019.

While working on the perfume, I knew I had to create a body treatment regimen for aging dry skin. I carry fabulous lines in my boutique, but I wanted a therapeutic system to address dry aging skin. Sharla Essential Body Oil and Sharla Essential Replenishing Cream are the answer and have been well received, along with my Anti-Cellulite Solution.

As wife, mom and proud grandmother, I am living the American Dream celebrating each day with gratitude to God for giving me the vision and resources to make my dreams come true and to Live Beautifully!

Sharla Bush