Frownies – The Original Wrinkle Patch


Soften wrinkles while you sleep.  Frownies Facial Patches, designed to reduce forehead wrinkles and fine lines, act as a splint or cast, limiting facial muscle movement and enabling the smoothing of wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyes called elevens.


“I never go to bed without my Frownie between my eyebrows.  The trick to softening elevens between your brows is massaging my Stop The Clock onto your forehead, spread apart those elevens, spray Plum & Berry Toner onto your Frownie, then place the Frownie firmly onto your skin while pulling the forehead left and right, so your elevens are as flat as possible.  If you use Botox, wait 7 days before doing this or as directed by your Doctor.  Using Stop the Clock with your Frownie will greatly prolong the effect of Botox.  I can literally see the difference in my frown lines if I miss one night of Stop The Clock and a Frownie,” Sharla.

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