Sharla’s Recommendation For Your Skin Types

What Makes Sharla’s Superior

Sharla’s Skin Care is extremely effective for anti-aging because all of the products are a tiny molecular structure which allows them to penetrate deeply into the dermis where you can have an effectual change in your skin over time. The other important aspect is that all of these products are free of any carcinogens, toxins, or fillers.

The objective is to detox and balance your skin, resulting in a healthy glow. Everyone needs to cleanse morning and night and follow with basic hydration. Exfoliating dead skin is critical and should be done as needed. Depending upon skin type, you may exfoliate one to four times a week. We have grouped the products in categories to give you an idea of basics.

You may be oily and not need the Squalane, but find you need the Pore Corrector quite often to help shrink and keep your pores clean.

You may like the feel of a cream under your makeup which makes application smooth and can also dilute your base to appear more natural.

The specialty serums specifically target concerns of anti-aging. It may seem like so many things to put on your skin, but if you total the number of ingredients in all of my products, you will still have fewer ingredients than found in any high end jar of face cream. You can apply all of these products and have no build up because they are all active ingredients, void of any fillers that rest on your skin and clog the pores.

We like to visit with you and determine what is best for you skin type. Please call with questions or come by so you can try the various serums and make the choice that are right for you.